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  • 103 weeks

    Hey, I wanted to give you all a heads up.

    So this next chapter is a pretty major one for the story - on the level of the Gourd Fest, Twilight and Starlight in the snow, and the final cluster of 4-6.

    As such, I've been taking my time and am 7k words in and I know it's going to be more than double that.

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  • 106 weeks
    So I watched the last several episodes...

    It was such a cute ending. Very nostalgic-feeling. Didn't cry, but it made me reflect on the show that has been a constant in my life since spring of 2012.

    If you've heard any controversy about it, don't heed it any concern. It's the squalling of children unhappy that the story isn't what they wanted it to be - as it has been every season.

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  • 118 weeks
    Update! Where I've been + The Broken Bond

    This will be quick.

    Sorry I've been quiet as of late everybody! I graduated University and have been preparing to move to Las Vegas in about a week. Big changes! Big... big changes...

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  • 128 weeks
    It's the endgame, y'all

    That was a killer premiere. Honestly, Grogar has this gravitas to him, this insight and perspective that's already established him, in my mind, as a terrifying MLP villain. Being the source of everything evil, all the monsters we've seen, it's all on him. And that voice and the design? Oh! I love this villain.

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  • 130 weeks
    Last chapter of act 4 is finally finished

    At 44K words and 103 single-spaced pages on gdocs, the next chapter of 'The Broken Bond' is at last finished, and ho boy, a lot happens. I just need to edit it - expect it Saturday if not tomorrow. Thank you all for being patient with me.

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An observation on this "key" business · 7:57pm Mar 2nd, 2014

Hey guys, remember the box? You know, the one that the Tree of Harmony spat out? This overarching plot of the season that has been better than the crap from the last season? Well, I was chatting with a friend of mine last night about these keys the characters keep finding when I suddenly had a major "eureka" moment.

Of course we all know that in the episodes the characters get their appropriate keys, their eyes do... that...

Whatever the hell "that" exactly is, is done. That's when the characters themselves have their own "eureka" moment and learn something important about the Elements they represent. Not only that, but a nearby item that relates to the lesson is what makes them do... that eye thing.

-Rarity learns that she shouldn't abuse the generosity of her friends; she realizes this when she sees the velvet rope reserved for her friends untouched.
-Rainbow learns she must remain loyal to her home team; she realizes this when she sees the Ponyville flag.
-Pinkie learns that it doesn't matter whether or not she's the best party-thrower, so long as she makes her friends smile; there is no particular object when she realizes this, but I suppose seeing Rainbow crushed under the pinata was what made it "click".
-Fluttershy learns that there are different, harsher forms that kindness can take, and realizes this when she sees Seabreeze the brutish-leading Breezie's wing.

But of course you probably all figured that out. But what me and my friend realized was something that added an extra layer to all this.

Notice anything about the characters that gave each of the mane 6 six their keys? What do they all have in common?

Each one of these characters learned a valuable lesson regarding the pony's particular Elements.

-This one may be the only one that's really reaching, but I guess Coco Pommel learned kind of what Rarity learned but from the receiving end, how she shouldn't let her own generosity be taken advantage of.
-The Wonderbolts learn the value of loyalty to your teammates, and how winning isn't everything.
-Cheese learns that a there's more to being a party pony than throwing the most extravagant parties
-Seabreeze learns that there's more ways to take command then yelling all the time.

Now, you guys may have figured all this out already and I'm just slow, but this is something interesting I wanted to share with you guys. And let's not forget, soon there will be an Applejack episode that features the return of the Flim Flam Brothers. In it, they apparently have a real working tonic that cures Granny Smith of all her ailments. I'm willing to bet that Applejack will learn something important about honesty, and so will the brothers, and she'll receive her key.

Not sure about Twilight though. Maybe the season finale? Who knows.

EDIT: I just thought of this, but I get the feeling that these characters will all return in the finale. Another part of me however says no, considering that Weird Al was a guest star and I don't see how Seabreeze can reach Equestria again.

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Yes. YES. You get it. A lot of people have complained about these key episodes and said they're just a rehash of previous episodes where the mane 6 learn about their elements. It's like they can't see the other character learning something as well. I sometimes wonder if people are being deliberately blind to these details so they can complain about everything.

Odds on Twilight's key being a horn? Either hers or Celestia's... which would be really creepy now that I think about it.

1888791 Thank you for your thoughts! Yeah, I know these so-called "analyzers" are being infuriatingly blind. Also, I added an extra thought at the end of the blog that I forgot to mention!

1888813 Ahh! Hm. They could appear in some sort of silent montage. Maybe Celestia will come and reprise her song for the rest of the mane 6. :trollestia:

Mmmmm~ Intriged.. :duck:

That "learning" thing is a new one for me, but it seems obvious in retrospect. Kinda like when I had to look up how to solve the puzzles in Portal 2 because I was only playing for the dialogue.

Holy shit I should start watching this show again regularly

Hmm, I haven't noticed that the other characters also learn a lesson, but it definetly makes this arc even better.

I'm looking forward that AJ episode (best pony), perhaps she'll learn that she just has to trust someponies and/or put aside former impressions on other ponies. It woul'd be totally different from her lesson the last time Flim & Flam appeared.

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