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  • 107 weeks

    Hey, I wanted to give you all a heads up.

    So this next chapter is a pretty major one for the story - on the level of the Gourd Fest, Twilight and Starlight in the snow, and the final cluster of 4-6.

    As such, I've been taking my time and am 7k words in and I know it's going to be more than double that.

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  • 110 weeks
    So I watched the last several episodes...

    It was such a cute ending. Very nostalgic-feeling. Didn't cry, but it made me reflect on the show that has been a constant in my life since spring of 2012.

    If you've heard any controversy about it, don't heed it any concern. It's the squalling of children unhappy that the story isn't what they wanted it to be - as it has been every season.

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  • 123 weeks
    Update! Where I've been + The Broken Bond

    This will be quick.

    Sorry I've been quiet as of late everybody! I graduated University and have been preparing to move to Las Vegas in about a week. Big changes! Big... big changes...

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  • 132 weeks
    It's the endgame, y'all

    That was a killer premiere. Honestly, Grogar has this gravitas to him, this insight and perspective that's already established him, in my mind, as a terrifying MLP villain. Being the source of everything evil, all the monsters we've seen, it's all on him. And that voice and the design? Oh! I love this villain.

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  • 134 weeks
    Last chapter of act 4 is finally finished

    At 44K words and 103 single-spaced pages on gdocs, the next chapter of 'The Broken Bond' is at last finished, and ho boy, a lot happens. I just need to edit it - expect it Saturday if not tomorrow. Thank you all for being patient with me.

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So I watched the last several episodes... · 12:55pm Sep 5th, 2019

It was such a cute ending. Very nostalgic-feeling. Didn't cry, but it made me reflect on the show that has been a constant in my life since spring of 2012.

If you've heard any controversy about it, don't heed it any concern. It's the squalling of children unhappy that the story isn't what they wanted it to be - as it has been every season.

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I liked the ending a lot. I did cry myself. Once that last song started. And Glimmy was a badass. So that's always awesome.

"Put in on my tab" is a surprisingly layered and badass burn for MLP

I'm struggling not to spoil shit for anyone else who reads this, but yeah, there was a lot of awesome moments in those episodes. Couple of great references, general badassery.

I liked it. The only thing I didn't like was Grogar being Discord

Pretty much the only thing I didn't like too much either. I liked Grogar. Having him turn out to be Discord playing dress up was a little dissapointing.

It was a little disappointing. Not Game of Thrones Season 8, or Mass Effect 3 levels of disappointing like some people have said.

Also, I'm not ashamed to say I cried at the ending.

The Final was the perfect wrap up fr the show, wish some shows had ended in such a way

I got the impression Chrysalis is mostly used to steamrolling over foes with superior raw power, not much finesse, while Starlight is actually a rather skilled warrior. If that fight happened in S8, Chrysalis would've gotten stomped so hard (Chrysalis has never teleported herself in a fight and never used a shield, Starlight has). Chrysalis has never won a fight without surprise and/or an indisputable power advantage in this series, to my knowledge. Like in A Canterlot Wedding.

Also, Chrysalis is depraved by the standards of this setting, with Cozy Glow not far behind (Tirek is a bastard too). She has absolutely no redeeming qualities, and would probably keep trying to bite you if you defanged her and snapped her horn off. There isn't any saving her.

As for Discord, hopefully having this scheme backfire on him and his friends this horribly humbled him to an extent. Also, Discord is officially better at impersonating others than Chrysalis was in A Canterlot Wedding.

Twilight's grown much stronger than Star Swirl, judging from how she managed to hurt Tirek, and that's before the timeskip. She seems like she's gonna be around for a long time as well (whether she's inherently ageless as an alicorn or can cast age spells, there isn't much of a functional difference, IMO [also, I'd like to think Starlight could extend her lifespan like that if she wished])

As cheap of a shot the thing Cozy Glow pulled on Celestia and Luna with the bell was, the sisters get credit for going for the same move they used on Sombra, going straight for the kill on her, and they gave a good effort even without their powers to distract the villains. I think they should train with Starlight if they wanted to practice fighting. Or they could spar with each other now that they have more free time, get back into practice.

The fact that Pinkie Pie is officially a mother is adorable.

Spike pretty much being second-in-command is pretty cool too. It's kind of like he's the new Luna, being the younger sibling and all.

Yeah I was expecting the villains to be redeemed but I'm glad they made it clear that some people are just to selfish and hateful to be saved. Even Cozy - who will obviously be controversial no matter what because she is just a kid, despite the reality that she explicitly only care about herself and has no qualms with tormenting others if it means coming up on top. She clearly is not misunderstood, at least not by the characters in the show.

Pinkie being a mother and wife to Cheese is double adorable. And I'm kind of happy the ending implies Starlight got together with Sunburst (why else would he be at the school?), because StarTrix is a really unhealthy pairing.

Big-Beautiful-Man-Spike gave me life. I'm so glad our boy got important work to do and the body he always fantasized about.

Also Ocellus got dummy thicc


Regarding Starlight and Sunburst, that was because of something that happened in "A Horse Shoe-In" (if you haven't seen that episode yet, skip to the next paragraph) . If that episode didn't scream "Trixie and Starlight probably shouldn't be involved romantically," dunno what will. Trixie, while she looks to be capable of remorse, and has good qualities, is rather narcissistic. Starlight has grown to be rather responsible as of this season. She didn't fall into much impulsivity, at all. Anyway, point is, StarTrix can be a nasty pairing because one of them is egotistical enough to think the other would create a position just for her, and the other can get really pissed off, and they're good at verbally ripping you apart.

Anywho, my opinion is that say, TwiStar or StarBurst are both probably more healthy, due to both parties possessing complementary mindsets in both cases.

That tangent aside... with Chrysalis, there were (at least) two moments that cemented her as forever being a piece of shit. The first was how she expressed a desire to let the Windigos turn Equestria into a frozen wasteland, so when they're taken out later (after who knows how many deaths that would result in), she could have the ponies grateful enough to do whatever she wants, seeing her as their savior. The second (which the other two certainly didn't object to) was when she'd threatened to rip off Spike's wings, with her obviously enjoying the pain she's causing.

As far as stuff that I think isn't implausible, I think Chrysalis was planning on torturing Starlight down the road (before it all went to shit), "now I'll have all eternity to take my revenge on you." Didn't escape my notice that the Royal Sisters and Starlight were thrown in the same "cell," after they got recaptured. I'd imagine Chrysalis would possibly want to make those two suffer as well, wouldn't she?

As for Cozy Glow?

"And now for your complete destruction! Won't that be fun?"

She was eagerly taunting prisoners of their imminent murders. I don't care what the "she's just a kid" crowd says, she blatantly possesses moral agency, because she's precocious enough to understand her actions, and that they're wrong, or else she wouldn't have been singing "A Better Way to Be Bad," nor would she be manipulating others in the S8 finale by accusing others of her actions as if they were wrong. You can't make a psychopath feel empathy with a pill (regarding those who suggest "send her to a psychiatric facility"), and the only way I think you can "save" her (along with the others) is by using a mind-control spell on her, and not the hypothetical low-powered ones, I mean "rip her personality apart" levels of potency. Which is obviously unethical.

As for Tirek, I think this gif back in the S5 finale sums it up; he seems to be a genocidal egomaniac.

Now, I'll freely admit, I was putting stock into that bait-and-switch in Frenemies, like many others did, but that's just it: it's a bait-and-switch they all stomped on immediately.

I think Chrysalis and Cozy Glow will have a good shot of qualifying under this after the US release happens, especially Chrysalis.

They have absolutely no redeeming qualities.

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