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The Results are IN!!!!! · 11:14pm Jan 18th, 2014

The Winner, by a landslide is...


Twilight Sparkle is very confused.

Legend has it that Humans once ruled the world. They had science and technology thousands of years more advanced than any country on the planet, and they were wielders of incredible magic. Yet, they are mindless beasts used for sport, and play by their Pony Masters.

It just doesn't make any sense. Their biology suggests Sapience, and there is nothing wrong with their voice boxes, yet they can't think or speak.

Twilight has spent years trying to break through to a human, to bring them back from their feral state and back into sapience, but after her latest subject, Number 625, dies on the table, she is ready to call it quits. Deciding on one last Experiment, she purchases Orion, a young male human from Applejack and prepares her last Serum for him.

Little did she know her faith was about to be rewarded.

Rise came in at 26 votes!

Only The Force came in second with 16 votes

And finally, story number three is... Non Soli Vos! with 6 votes.

I hope you guys like the lineup! I'll get to work on these ASAP, and get them done soon, hopefully...

Until next time!

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Comments ( 1 )

Darn, I voted for NSV.

Oh well, Rise was my second pick.

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