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Broken Hearted... · 5:21am Nov 25th, 2014

I don't know how many of you have been following the events in Ferguson, Missouri but things have taken a turn for the worst.

For those of you who don't know, back in August a young, 18 year old black man was "shot" and killed by a White Police officer. The reason Shot is in quotes is because Mike Brown, the victim, had his back turned to the officer with his arms raised surrendering. The officer, Darren Wilson, executed Mike Brown and put 12 bullets in him. There were witnesses and even some footage from the event. Then, to add insult to injury, Brown's body was left in the street to rot for 4.5 Hours before a patrol car---NOT AN AMBULANCE OR A CORONER---picked up his body by tossing it in the trunk.

In the passing months, "People" (see: Racist Pieces of Shit) tried to muddle the issue, saying that Brown was fleeing from the officer because he had robbed a convenience store. They also brought up more "evidence" to try and prove that Brown was a thug.

I say who gives a shit. If you shoot a person who has already surrendered, you committed murder.

Earlier today it was decided by a Grand Jury that Officer Darren Wilson, a murderer, will not be indicted for the murder of Mike Brown.

I know that ponies are something we use to get out of Real Life, like video games and books and stuff. But, as Americans we can't let this slide. Black. Lives. Matter.

RIP Mike Brown. You deserved better.

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I'll say this now. The day I forget this incident and this young man's face is a day I will lose a part of my humanity.
While the US has made huge leaps in equal rights and correction of discrimination, we are still suffering from the effects of the past.

"RIP Mike Brown. You deserved better."

Yep. He deserved to be shot with 30-06 and not a pussy pistol caliber round. Take out any big game in the North American continent, even the most dangerous game, like Mike Brown was.

Also: ALL LIVES MATTER, you lefty loser.

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