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Unbound Skies is Out · 1:03am Nov 10th, 2013

Gotta say that it feels odd to be hitting that publish button again.
Still all nervouscited when doing it. None of the zen I might have been expecting.

Still, Unbound Skies is Out!, whee!

And I sure as hell couldn't have predicted a steampunk Pinkie and Rarity fic for that occasion:

Life's funny that way, though.

Still, I can't deny the results. I'm enjoying writing again, after stressing myself out about it for so long. Jake's a bit of a miracle worker. A personal Pinkie Pie. I already can't wait to get the second chapter pre-read and out there. To say nothing of the third!

Pneumonia kicking my rear is simply not enough to muzzle my enthusiasm.

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Have started reading it. Will comment when I'm finished.

My own Time Crusade is now available, by the way.

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