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    New Comic: Bare Naked Science Exhibition

    Since this is all but a dead account at this point, I'll keep it short.
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    Got a comic coming out in a few weeks

    This is pretty much a dead account by this point. If anyone wants to see where I'm more active, check me out on Twitter, I retweet stuff every few days or so.

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More justified review of finale, and future projects · 11:24pm Apr 22nd, 2012

Now that I've watched the finale again, minus HYPE-GOGGLES, here's what I have to say:
-Part 1: Absolute delight. Twilight's songs have a way of gripping my heart and making me want to cry more than the other characters. It was that in season 1, and it's consistent here. Her brother Shining Armor. I like how soft-spoken he is, even though he's a captain. He's the perfect type of colt to be head-in-the-books Twilight's big brother (there were a few times that I was expecting him to say "bro" at the end of a sentence, because of his voice). I'm kind of disappointed that Dash and Fluttershy seemed to take a back seat in this episode, but I guess not everypony can have equal spotlight in every episode. Not a huge deal. Kind of called from the start that Cadance was being impersonated by another being (I thought it was Discord). Was anyone else surprised by how dark things turned when impostor Cadance wrapped Twilight in a vortex of flames and sent her through the floor to her imprisonment? Kind of like the TV Y version of Drag Me to Hell, if you ask me.
-Part 2: Pure adrenaline rush. Real Cadance finally revealed, leading to an amazing Disney-esque duet between good and evil personalities. I'm going to guess Britt Mckillip doesn't do the singing voice, so I am really curious to hear who did that song. It was just beautiful. I cursed myself for guessing wrong on who the impostor was, but was thrilled to see such an amazing design for a new villain. That's TWO villains in ONE season! And Celestia actually attempted to defeat her! Crossing horns, and entering a Dragonball Z style beam struggle? I can't tell you how excited I was to watch this without using one of Molestia's tumblr pictures. And then immediately after that, the mane six enters a brawl that should serve as inspiration for the developers of Fighting is Magic. For a show intended for seven year old children, that fight was pretty intense (PARTY CANON HYPER COMBO K.O.). Seeing Shining Armor and Princess Cadance literally use the power of love to seize the day was pretty chilling. Never thought I'd be one of those who enjoyed seeing a "love conquers all" scenario. Lastly, the whole wedding was brilliant. Very tender kiss between them, followed by such a groovy reception. Great way to go out this season. Loved every second of it.


So here's sort of a weird announcement: For my future stories, I think I'm going to step away from clop-material (Please don't unfollow me! :fluttercry:). It was a good start to help me vent my pent up feelings, but I really need to try and expand my horizons and try some different territory. I'm not abandoning it forever mind you. If I get a sudden urge to put something saucy down then I'm going to do it. Now that the season is over, I've got all of the new season material to work with to come up with some (hopefully) great stories!
Now the trouble is knowing where to start with some non-clop stories. Do I write something slice-of-life and fun? Something sad? Or how about a crossover adventure? There is one project that some might know about, one that I've been putting off until I know I'm ready to handle it. I need something simple to practice on for now. Let me know what you think, if you wouldn't mind.

Thanks for reading my thoughts, guys. Means everything to me. :twilightsmile:

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Not a bad thing to expand one's horizons.

Thanks for reading my thoughts, guys. Means everything to me. :twilightsmile:

Sorry, I didn't read it :fluttershysad:

Clop is fun, but you need story for readers (well, me anyway). :twilightsmile:

But you replied


I'm sure I'll enjoy them thoroughly


"Do I write something slice-of-life and fun?" YES! we have enough sad here as is. :twilightsmile:

82904 Ha ha, I see that. But the idea for sad I had might lead to some more Fluttermac, since everyone wanted a sequel so badly (it'd be more like a prequel though). I'll have to give it some thought.

Well, fine, if you're set on doing sad, I'll settle for romance :twilightsheepish:

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