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TSC: Author Notes · 9:29pm Apr 16th, 2012

Wow, finally finished 'The Sweetie Chronicles: On a Cross and Arrow!' :pinkiehappy: And it's been published at the exact same time as "On a Whisper of Wind" Chapter 2! :raritywink:

What else needs to be said about the original story though? I think it is one of those stories that EVERYPONY who's anypony should know.

But, what's the appeal for me? Why bring it into the Chronicles? Well, it's not just for amusement, I'll tell you that! OaC&A is a story about meeting yourself. And although it's early into the series, it's about time for Sweetie to start realizing that she is changing.

It's not too heavy handed, I think, but this chapter should really start to bring out the differences on what she was like, how she is now and how she'll be... mostly in the way she thinks and talks at times.

As before, trying to keep the 'soul' of the world is a challenge. Many things can go wrong, interpretations might conflict with the author's original intent, etc. But thankfully Conner Cogwork was there to check it and help shape the story.

How do you write an encounter with the opposite sex version of yourself? I have actually questioned how would my life have been had I been born a different sex? Would my life be the same? Would I have the same friends? Interests? Of course those questions can be taken much deeper than a fanfic can really address, but I think, in many levels “On a Cross and Arrow” deals with them in a convincing way.

True, Dusk and Co. are the same basically as Twilight and Co. and unlike my questions above, in its case the change pertains to the whole world being the opposite sex rather than just one individual, so it is more believable that things would remain basically the same for the most part.

This, in a way, gives me hope that I would be very similar (although I think I would have had much more fun) if I were a member of the opposite sex; because a story like “On a Cross and Arrow” somehow manages to tell me that in my soul, or in my deepest sense of self, if you will, I would love the same things I do now.

In other words, I'd still be an otaku-geek-pseudo-literate/amateur-writer-cook-learning-to-be-an-evil-nurse abomination deep inside. It brings comfort to me and makes the heavens shiver in fear because added to all of that, I would be cuter. Yes. I said it. And I know it to be true, and so do you.

So, anyway, back to the fic. How does Sweetie react to all of this? That's the big question... she should really start thinking about what all of this is doing to her... but can a filly deal with such pressure? Kids are adaptable, but up to a point. If anything, I do believe that in the future, it will help her to have met all of these similar-and-yet-different ponies. Only time will tell.



Magical Trevor: This sure took awhile to get finished! xD Well, hope you all enjoyed! And remember: Ninjas don't need pants to be deadly!

Oops, time to go! FOR SCIENCE!

~There's pre-reading that's begun, and some edits to be done, so that grammar will not be undone! 

I have to edit chapters one-by-one.

So that they all won't have to be redone.

Even when tired I'm still having fun.

Unless I see a really bad pun.

My eyelids feel like they both weigh a ton.

So tired...

Time to sleep~


Also... What does the future hold?

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Comments ( 18 )

Oh, the Chronicle's is still going!:rainbowderp:

Well, there goes my night. Who needs sleep? I need to FINISH.

And then reread twice.:twilightblush:

Oh holy crap! But where's on a whipser of the wind? I'm not seeing it up here

"pseudo-literate" :trixieshiftright:


It's up on EqD :twilightsmile:

Ah still sleep ain't happening tonight:pinkiehappy:

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I had been born ooloi.

Such is a question I too ponder at grate lengths. What if I was born a girl? What it be like in a world where every one was reversed gender? Such questions I will never know the answer to, or will I?

The problem with OaC&A is that every single pony in that fic is a shameless narcissist. Every. Single. Pony.

Other than that, it was great, but...seriously.

Was I supposed to read that last part like the end of Still Alive? 'Cuz I did:twilightblush:

That was such a great chapter, Sweetie has grown alot since the beginning. Can't wait to see how her personality deals with Puppysmiles.

Wanderer D

72452 Getting closer... ponies keep asking: When?!

72413 An interesting alien?

72284 :trollestia: Or not?


Check it out on Wikipedia. You're a sci-fi fantasy fan. You tell me if it's interesting.
Personally the series is one of my top 10 anything of all time.

hey sweetie had a cutie mark in this pic
which chapter is that she gets it in? pretty please can you tell us?:fluttershysad:

Wanderer D

75731 She does. :pinkiegasp: Maybe she'll be getting it soon?

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