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SO I BEEN BUSY · 1:11pm Oct 15th, 2013

So I feel guilty about not updating a little more recently than this, but truth be told I'm getting into the swing of things at university, and the slow pace is a bit of an invitation to apathy. Not to say I haven't been keeping busy between the studying and the doing nothing and the oh god I still have a competition on EqD to judge. I've been still working on the next chapter of Bezithan (yeah, remember that?) and I should have it done for you guys within the next 24 hours. I'm really sorry it took so long, just as I'm sorry that this isn't much in terms of a proper status update but... well, bear with me.

Oh, and on a side note, I did tally those votes for that last blog I did, and as a result I'll begin work on the epilogue to Air upon completion of this upcoming chapter of Bezithan. Hopefully that won't take me too long and I can dive back into this monstrosity and get chapter 3 out a little swifter.

That's all I got, really. Merry boo month.

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So I guess you could say that epilogue is...

...up in the Air.

Hope you have fun with the EqD contest! Hopefully you won't get too overloaded with stories.

Yes! Epilogue!:twilightsmile:

Huh. Epilogue to Air? :applejackunsure:
That's almost a shame. I really liked the ending.

Still looking forward to it, though :pinkiehappy:


Hmmm, I should make some time to read Air now. . . . Also, good job with the second chapter. I think the readers will be very intrigued by where it is heading. Very intrigued indeed :duck:

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