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Fireflies Progress Report · 4:03am Oct 15th, 2013

Writing is going at a decent pace. Did just under 3.5K words over the past two days, and have brought the current chapter up to 6787 in total. Since I'm a total tease, here's a gander at the first thousand, or so, words.

I was the first awake of the three of us, and I spent a short while simply enjoying their company before I slowly dragged myself up, and out of bed. I took extra care to keep from waking either of them up, but it was in vain as Rarity tightened her grip on me as I started to rise. “No. Stay.”

I grabbed her hands in my own, gently pulling them off of me. “Sorry, Rarity, but someone has to make some breakfast.” She cracked open an eye, doing everything she could to glare at me. I just leaned down and gave her a quick kiss before sitting all the way up. “Don’t glare like that, Rarity. You look no less beautiful when you do, but I find you to be limitlessly more attractive when you look happy.” She flushed a bit at that remark, and during that brief lull in her attentiveness to where I was I slipped out of bed, and into some clothes. “Come down in a bit, Rarity. And bring Pinkie with you. We both know that she’s awake.”

“No I’m not, Icarus... Um, I mean, I’m... Yeah, I got nothing.” Pinkie rolled onto her back, quickly sitting up, uncaringly allowing the blanket to fall down her form, exposing her. Not that she seemed to mind. “Could you make some waffles? With sugar? And syrup? And butter? And whipped cream? Oh, and ice cream?”

I rolled my eyes at her. “It’s eight in the morning, Pinkie.” She shot me a stare that could make the famously serious Royal Guards break their silence. “I didn’t say no, Pinkie. We’ll just save the ice cream for tonight.”

Her expression rapidly shifted to a wide smile and she started bouncing and laughing, exclaiming to Rarity just how excited she was, all of a sudden, for dinner tonight. I only smiled as I turned from the door, ignoring Rarity’s pleas for me to come back. “Breakfast waits for no one, Rarity. And it’s up to me to get started.” The door behind me closed with a satisfying sound, and I slowly made my way down the hall and towards the kitchen. Just a few minutes later, and I had a couple bowls out, my ingredients at the ready. As I worked, I found myself humming a tune to a song that was eerily familiar, and when I finally started the actual cooking the words to a song jumped, unbidden, to my lips. Before I could really get into it, though, I stopped myself. “By the Creator, magic sucks sometimes.”

“Only when you don’t know the how and why, Icarus.”

I turned around, momentarily, to see Twilight sitting on one of the stools at the small island in the middle of the kitchen. She had a cup of coffee in her hands, and I just shook my head as I turned back to my cooking. “Was I really distracted so much that I didn’t notice you come in? Or were you just taking pains to be extra quiet?”

“Both. Well, sort of. You were fairly distracted, and I was being neither loud nor quiet. That tune you were humming was pretty nice. I wish I could’ve been there for it.” She took a quick sip of her coffee before she continued. “I know you don’t like the music, but I find it exhilarating. A real chance to express how I feel.”

“Yeah.” I turned around again, pointing at her with the spoon I used to stir the waffle batter. “But you don’t have things you’d rather not share, do you? I still have stuff that I don’t want to talk about, and those songs have a nasty habit of sometimes going too far with feelings and stuff.” Her horn flared for a moment, and I found the spoon pulled from my grip. “I’m using that, Twi.”

She stood as the spoon reached her, and with a few steps she was beside me. “And now I’m using it. Besides, you cook all the time, allow me to help you out some. It’s the least I can do.” She shrugged. “It’s the least any of us can do.” I made a few attempts at getting the spoon back from her, to no avail, before she finally let out an irritated huff. “If you don’t stop trying, Icarus, I will teleport you up to the roof. Again.”

“We’re not at the library, Twi, and I didn’t do anything to your books. You can’t threaten me with that.” She flushed for only a moment before she made her horn glow with a menacing purple aura. I took an instinctive half step back, before I remembered a single interesting aspect of the unicorn, and all unicorns, before me. “I know how to stop you, Twi.” She only smirked before the glow intensified, prompting me to latch one hand onto her horn, right at the base, softly pinching the skin just above her horn, painlessly dissipating the magic, and preventing her from charging her horn again. “Like I said, I know how to stop you. The griffin people may be bad at a lot of things, but figuring out ways to win on the battlefield is one of the things that they are phenomenal at.” I quickly released her horn, and took the spoon from her so that I could continue my cooking, nudging her gently aside while she continued to stare at me with wide eyes, and a growing blush.

“Icarus, you... I... You remember that talk we had about unicorn erog --”

“Yes.” I stopped her before she could start the lecture that her tone threatened. “And I also know that the hold I just used prompts, er, arousal, in less than five percent of the unicorn population. It’s designed to stop a unicorn, not let them get their rocks off.” I paused for a moment. “In a manner of speaking, of course. You’re a girl, so the release...” Twilight’s cheeks were a deep shade of crimson, and she was nervously playing with her hands, doing everything she could to avoid looking at me. “O... Oh. Yeah, I think I’ll stop now.” The remainder of the breakfast preparation was done in silence, my own thoughts occupied with what had just happened, while Twilight just stared at the floor, clearly engrossed with her own ruminations.

So, that chunk is there for your enjoyment. Hope you all come to like the new and improved Icarus, since he's here to stay.

Oh, and Spacecowboy is a great conversational partner. Even if he is a total tosser. No one tell him, but he's doing a good job of convincing me to have a certain aspect of Icarus' character changed when a certain something comes to pass. I could totally spoil what he's convincing me about, but I'll save that for later. It does have to do with Icarus' situation come Alicorn Twilight.

Sursum Aeternum!
-Jet Howitzer

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Comments ( 3 )

I just read a dark fic. Yay!:pinkiehappy:

It even has my race's name on it... hahaha...

Waking up with two beautiful women with you. Nice.

Interesting (funny) headcanon as to why characters just burst out and sing (seriously, it is brilliantly hilarious).

And then we have a scen whe- he- WHOA!! (Twily thinks: o/////o) Um... I'm no expert with this kind of stuff, but you're kinda rushing it, Icarus.

Anyway, I can't wait for the actual chapter.

Also:1421557 Sorry, wut?:unsuresweetie:

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