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At the End Commentary: Chapter 26 · 3:32am Jun 20th, 2013

This entry contains spoilers for its corresponding chapter of At the End. Be warned...

<--Previous Chapter Commentary *-* Next Chapter Commentary -->

Little can be said of this chapter. The main reason for this chapters existence was the little fast the Luna now knows of Brimstone and his machinations. The thing is, I couldn't stuff this scene anywhere else. The previous chapter was more lighthearted and focused on communication. The next one was much darker in tone and focused on a crucial plot point: Era'doth's goal.

This chapter didn't fit with either, but I felt it needed to be told. I settled on a third option, and that was leaving it as a stand alone chapter. This idea was supported by the fact that everyone loves a little more Minecraft. An extra chapter, however brief, would not be unwanted.

This left only two things of note to talk about. Brimstone the "Shadow Pony" and his feud with Era'doth the "White Eyes", and the movements of the Endermen, who I will now give the moniker Endy. Endy is slowly activating the End Portal underground. Brimstone is moving in secret against Era'doth, but doesn't want to be seen or known by the Equestrian Crown. Brimstone absolutely hates Era'doth and is in it for itself, but is taking a measured risk by helping Fluttershy. Doing so will blow its cover, but the safety of the Bearers is of prime importance. Brimstone has displayed weakness in the form of a lack of a form. It has no body and can only manipulate others to do its dirty work. That incorporeal form is its biggest disadvantage as it provides it with no physical means of defense.

Despite the cloak and dagger nature of Brimstone, Luna believes the spirit is still worth listening to, as Brimstone both knows who Era'doth really is, and took the time to protect Flutters. It is enough for Luna to desire a meeting.

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