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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety; I also have a Let's Play channel. :twilightsmile:

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Q&A Round Two - The Answers! · 10:32am Feb 3rd, 2013

Wow, I got a lot more questions than I was expecting. Oh well, time to answer them!


Hey, if his time in equestria was nine months in the first story but on earth was like a few minutes as said in another sequel. *spoiler* then in the second part it should have been a longer gap between twilight and geo getting back together.

First story:
9 months
5 minutes

Than it would be as in part two:
A few weeks or so
a few years or more.

Whats the deal here? Its like narnia up in here.

I see what you're getting at.

I was shot and ended up in Equestria for nine months. Then I get shot again and return to Earth, where only a few minutes have passed. The passage of time between dimensions doesn't have to be exactly the same you know. A few minutes in one dimension could be a few months in another.

Showmare Trixie

How did you get your username?

Someone else has asked me this question as well, so scroll down for the answer. :twilightsmile:


What is your favorite color, music, food, band, and hair color xD

My favourite colour is lavender (no prizes for guessing why), I listen to all sorts of music but right now Rainbow Factory is my favourite thing to listen to, I love mashed potatoes, I can't name my favourite band and my favourite hair colour is light brown.

And what is the answer to life?

Twilight Sparkle.

Late Registrator

1. Are any of the characters in the To X Is Human series (besides Geo of course) based on ppl you know?

I can't really answer for Ace, since he's not my character. As for John, no. He's not based on anyone I know.

2. Are there any popular or critically acclaimed fanfictions that you either hate or don't care for and why?

Three words.

My. Little. Dashie.

Yes, it's sad. But I don't see why it gets so much attention because of that. There are other sadfics out there!


What inspired you to start writing?

I think someone else asked me this as well, so keep scrolling. :trollestia:

what inspires you to write?

Someone asked me this as well. :rainbowlaugh:


whats makes twilight sparkle you're favourite pony?

Twilight's personality is somewhat similar to my own. We both prefer to do our own thing and really don't see the point in making friends. However when we do make friends, we are glad to have them.

who is you're favourite princess?

Luna. Sorry Celestia, but that's the way it is.


You an xbox or ps3? And what kinda games do ya play?

PS3. I only ever play three games on it: Mafia II, Killzone 3 and Saints Row: The Third.


List 5 stories you LIKE here and think people should read :yay:

1. To Observe Is Science!
2. To Test Is Science!
3. Living And Dying in Equestria - The author loves Twilight just as much as I do! Read the sequel as well.
4. Cry For Eternity - An Alicorn Twilight story that doesn't make me want to smash my monitor.
5. She's A Pony, He's A Human

then list 5 stories you HATED here and why :pinkiesad2:

I don't really hate very many stories, to be honest....

Lord Guffington

How did you become a brony?

Same way as 99% of the fandom. Through a friend. I was taking the piss out of him for liking it so he told me "don't knock it until you've tried it". I watched the first two episodes... and later on I had finished Season Two.


are you a kingdom hearts fan?

Never played the game before, so I can't say that I am.

do you have a youtube account

I do, but I hardly ever use it. I only use it for uploading audio blogs and Author Readings.


What inspred you to become a writer?

I first got into fanfics through 4chan's /mlp/ board and its Anonymous in Equestria thread. Some of the stories were dark, others made me laugh. So I decided to have a go. To Friend Is Human actually started as an AiE. But then I discovered Fimfiction and realised that it would be the better place to post my stories. So I made an account, and here we are now.

What motivates you?

My followers. Seriously, you guys rock. :pinkiehappy:

If it wasn't for all the support you've shown me, I never would have finished TFIH, let alone write five sequels to it.


Do you project to become a real writter?

You mean proper stories that you get in bookstores and libraries? No, not really. I'm happy writing fanfic.

Do you want the geo serie to become something popular in the fandom?

I know it won't, but it's popular enough. More popularity wouldn't hurt though. It's just a matter of spreading the word.

How have you start to create this story, what have inspired you?

Yeah, greatodyer and teslakana already asked me this.

Showmare Trixie

Where did that username come from?

Many moons ago, I was signing up for a Hotmail account. At the time, MSN was still using profiles. And of course, that meant I needed a nickname. The one I wanted (which I can't remember) was taken, and 'GeodesicDragon' was a suggested alternative. So I took it, and I've been using it ever since. I think I've had it for 12 years now, probably longer.

listener (LAST QUESTION!)

When you started, did the Geoverse go where you wanted?

Fun Fact: The only Geoverse story to have been given any sort of planning is A Season Of Adventure. The rest of them were made up as I went along. :twilightsheepish:

That's all, folks!

I hope I've answered your questions to your liking. If not, let me know.

Thanks for taking part, and be sure to watch your notifications for when I do this again!

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Comments ( 14 )

Aww, I missed a Q&A!

Huh, Trixie learned some interesting things about you today. :trixieshiftright:

Which villan out of mlp: fim you like and dislike the most and why? :rainbowhuh:


I'm not doing another Q&A for a while. But I'll answer it anyway.

Like: Discord because he's just so random, and I like random.
Dislike: Chrysallis because she's just a bitch.

788913 ah I guess I was abit late, sorry.


I guess I'm the 1% of the fandom. I got to MLP from Reddit

789065 Your not the only one!

I guess I'm not even on the chart with that one. I became a fan of the show through certain Dovahshy vids on YouTube, as I mentioned in a long, rambling post on my blog.

Ill just assume thats correct.


Of course it's correct! It's me you're dealing with! :rainbowdetermined2:


well. It is the GEOverse.

I guess you can modify anything like gravity. planes of eistence. realms etc.

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