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Idle musing · 1:05pm March 21st

so-called because that's what led me to the realization

What is so compelling about the idea of "warrior woman runs afoul of a wizard and is flung centuries into the future" that I made it happen twice?

...And with slightly more musing, I also realize, in a roundabout way, it was with the same wizard. >_> Huh.

EDIT: Herp derp, PP nobody has any idea what you're talking about, idiot

You can read more about Loosestrife, the pony version of this story, here.

As for the other version, it takes place in my fake comic book superhero universe:

Basically, in ancient Rome, a young girl takes the name Camprus Caens and joins the Roman Legion in disguise as a boy because that's what she always wanted to do.

Somehow, some time later, she runs afoul of the Wizard of Ways, a time-traveling wizard who sees in her a unique opportunity to test a spell. She is thus flung far into the future, to modern times, where she uses her fighting skills, tactical mind and hardened physique to become the superheroine known as The Legionnaire. Also, she's black and gender non-conforming as fuck and super hot in a tailored suit. :B She thus finds a home in the modern era's LGBT community.

As for how the Wizard of Ways is related to Starswirl the Bearded, that is a much lengthier story, but suffice to say it's due to several removes of meta-ness that I don't feel like explaining. <_< But how many time-traveling wizards can there be, I ask ya?

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Comments ( 7 )

What is this in reference to?

I also don’t really understand what they mean.

Was this wizard known as … Tim?

It was the eeeeeevil that is Aku.

Fish out of water stories are fun and/or personally resonant?

Author Interviewer

Hi, dad, I'm dumb! >_< Post updated with actual words.

Wish that wizard would send her to my room, amirite

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