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How Things Are · 4:03pm September 9th

Phew. It's been a minute, huh guys?

At this point, I'm not even especially sure how many people will read this. But there's some therapeutic gains to be had by getting thoughts written down, so here we go. An update. If you're reading, here, have a cookie.

Hooray! Nutrition!

Nearly two months ago, I fulfilled a promise that I'd been putting off for too long, and delivered a story that had been lingering on my mind for nearly a decade. On The Rocks is the culmination of the most unexpectedly successful story I've ever written. I won't re-hash what caused the delay, you can see it all in the author notes at the end of the final chapter. The view count on it, pretty much as I expected, is only slowly ticking up. Kinda my fault for delaying it so long. But them's the breaks. The reception I'm getting from people who have read it is appreciation enough. Ultimately it was a story I wanted to finish for my own sake as well.

Now, it being so long since Scotchtavia and The Morning After originally released, I'd like to think that I've matured somewhat, and that my writing style has improved. Thus, today I've gone back over both stories and done a full edit. Fixed tenses, spelling mistakes (some of which have been there all nine years, eesh), removed some bits, added some stuff back, and just generally bring them both up to a standard that feels more on-par with the third story. The original, unedited versions to both are linked in the descriptions, just in case there are any folk that would prefer to read them as they were.

So, what does this mean for my story writing? At present, I will not be committing to any large projects. To clarify on what this means, I am not saying that I won't release stories again. Simply that I don't want to lock myself into promising a project that I might no be able to deliver. In fact, I probably will still release the occasional story, but it'll be as and when I feel able.

What am I up to these days? As it turns out, quite a lot.

Without giving away too much personal info, IRL me is currently in a better position financially than I was when I was writing stories on the regular. Sadly the day job is very involved, requires much more energy, and in my time off I don't always have the spoons for writing with. Them's the breaks, but I'm not without creative outlets. Pony and Furry are pretty much two sides of the same coin, and nowadays I'm pretty active within the furry fandom. In fact, I'm actually staff for ConFuzzled, which is the largest furry convention in the UK! And outside that, I recently managed to summon together enough victims willing participants to play a Dungeons & Dragons game for which I am the DM! At the date of writing we've currently only played one session, but everyone had a blast and session two is next week. Pray for them Bring it on!

And if you're still reading this: hello, how was the cookie? And also thank you for sticking with me.

I hope this blog update finds you well, guys!


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Mmm, cookies. Glad to hear you're still around and enjoying ConFuzzled. Heh, I went more or less the other way, in that I was once active-ish in furry but in the last decade haven't really done much there at all. Mind you, my actively furry era was long enough ago that "BritFur" was still a running joke... I'm old. :twilightsheepish:

Always nice when someone unexpectedly updates after years away!

<3 your stories are some of the best!

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