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Help! My Heart is Full of Pony! - The Old Factory · 9:16pm September 8th

I'm rewatching Chapter 4 of Make Your Mark in anticipation of Chapter 5 coming out in only a week and a half.

Did I just watch a My Little Pony episode about collectivizing a former defense contractor's factory?

I think I did!

G5 may not be perfect, but this plot development is proof that Equestria is still a model for the ideal society, perhaps more than ever.

You hear that, Raytheon? We're coming for you, and we're gonna turn your death factories into a totally rad gimmicky playset!


Comments ( 4 )

Yeah, no. I prefer an ideal society where people can't just sweep in and take my stuff without payment or due process.


They're not taking your stuff. They're taking Sprout's stuff, and Sprout is a deposed fascist dictator.

Unless you plan on using your stuff to convert our entire society to a war economy, and rally the populace to persecute other races, Sunny's civil forfeiture do not apply to you.

You can dress it up however you like; you're still advocating theft and mob rule. I prefer my society to follow the rule of law.

Thanks for this and the previous two HFoP posts. :)

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