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  • Saturday
    Why, brain? WHY?

    Brain: Hey Miles, you know how you're working on five pony stories and a Sonic story?

    Me: (nervously) "Yeah...?"

    Brain: Here's a Freedom Planet idea.

    Just shoot me now...

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  • Saturday
    Gonna be a wait for DLC, or a crazy long wait for a third game...

    Just beat Freedom Planet 2 tonight. Thanks to Ori, I know that I shouldn't be all that shocked that a 2D speed platformer has this much heart and soul poured into it, but this game's lore absolutely floored me.

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  • Thursday
    I'm sorry, it was too easy.

    During a slow period, there's a discussion about pumpkin carving.

    Someone asks what I would carve.

    "I don't have an artistic bone in my body."
    "But you write fanfiction."
    "You want me to write fanfiction on a pumpkin?"
    "Yes, you must."
    "I don't write pumpkins. I write lemons."

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  • Thursday
    Happy 9th Anniversary... the best redemption of G4!

    Happy 9th birthday, Rainbow Rocks!

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  • 6 days
    Best Game Menu Themes

    Alright, not quite off the top of my head, but also without spending days and days recalling every single game I've play in my life, I've got 15 main menu themes that I believe stand out. Lets go in order of release!

    Donkey Kong Country - SNES - November 1994

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Diablo IV in this room is going to be hell this weekend. · 11:50pm May 30th

Pun intended.

I'm not even running a game for crying out loud, and these aren't the highest temps for the week yet, which are supposed to get here for the weekend.

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have any air conditioning?

Yes, turned it on for the first time this evening, but can't afford it every day.

shit maybe im too blue collar but when my ac went out of my home i said screw it and went to costco and bought $500 portable ac unit for my room personally and honestly, one of the better investments ive made, but this is also new orleans south and humidity so if i don’t keep it cold then electronics start to fail lol

The dog days of summer are here already, it seems.

I got similar temperatures coming up in the following days where I live.

KMCA #7 · May 31st · · ·

to answer your hashtag, both.
My gaming laptop has been used as a heater. Granted this one hasn't yet but the last 2 did and the one was used as in like -30c in a tiny ass room to keep me from freezing.

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