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The Fluttering Scare is gone..... for another year. Instead, there is a festive, merry Twitter account now. · 1:47am Nov 28th, 2022

The Dark Season is over. It lasts always longer in my mind, sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks, but now it's over. The Fluttering Scare is gone, at least until next year, and Fluttercheer is back. The curse gift has been taken. And in place of The Dark Season steps the Hearth's Warming Season, the Season of Light. It begins exactly today and with it, there comes.....

..... a shiny, new Twitter account!

Okay, it's not completely new. But it looks good now.

For a long, a long, long, veeeery long time, I have hardly used my Twitter account for anything. Until the end of 2019, after getting over a hard phase in my life, it was then that I started heavy tweeting and to actually use the account. But even then, it looked more like a skeleton and kept its appearance from the dormant years. Which is why I never really presented my Twitter account here, until now. For nearly three years, I hadn't figured out enough things about myself to even know what to write into the bio of my Twitter account. But this has changed and today, I finally put these changes and the resulting knowledge to good use and gave my Twitter account a proper look.
Now there is a new banner and the banners will always be high-quality pony art or pictures of certain ponies/creatures and they will change here and there, depending on my mood and who or what keeps my thoughts busy at the moment. I typed in a location now, which is Ponyville, of course, and linked back to my FIMFiction.net account. I also changed my name to just "Fluttercheer" on Twitter, to match it better with my account here, because I'm using my Twitter account so much to promote new stories and chapters. My Twitter account is finally presentable now.

Also, speaking about redesigns, my Twitter account is not the only account that's getting redesigned, I am working at redesigning and optimizing my Patreon account and my Ko-fi account, as well. New reward tiers will be coming on Patreon, including one for "The Sky is Gone". And once those redesigns are finished, I'll of course announce them not only here, but on Twitter as well.

So, if you want or need another place to keep up with me and my writing efforts, as well as analyses about Generation 5 and Generation 4, you can now follow me on Twitter. Updates about new short stories, new chapters of multi-chapter stories and new analyses are being tweeted regularly there, as well as everything else that has to do with my creations. Random tweets about ponies and all sorts of pony-related things may happen, as well.
Check out my newly designed Twitter account and my bio here and follow it if you want to have another source for updates about my work:


Stay easy as a filly!

~ Fluttercheer

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Welcome back Fluttercheer.

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