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Pony Author, Writer of Foal Stories, Storyteller, Equestrian Analyzer and occasional Pony Artist. You can support the stories I tell on Patreon to get nice rewards or tip me on Ko-fi (LINKS BELOW).

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    After having to stay in bed yesterday, "The Sky is Gone: Epiphany" continues!

    I have been spending too much time in the cold lately, so I was in bed with a strong fever yesterday. But I feel somewhat better, so the releases continue!

    Stay easy as a filly!

    ~ Fluttercheer

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    Stay easy as a filly!

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Redesigning my Patreon and Ko-fi Account (including a reward tier for "The Sky is Gone") and a Shoutout to my new Patrons · 11:03pm Nov 26th, 2022

I have some news about my Patreon and Ko-fi account to announce today. First, to start with the biggest one, I will go and redesign both accounts. I have started them in 2019, with tiny success so far, but I also was in a mentally bad state when I made a push for earning money with my stories in that year. My writing was, compared to what it is again now, a mess back then, my mental condition affected the quality of it and it also showed in the way I was going about designing my Patreon and Ko-fi account.
The description of myself on Patreon is bloated and lengthy, for example. And the reward tiers haven't worked as well as I anticipated it and I was even biting off more than I could chew with them, which is why my first patron still waits for a few chapters of "Reformation from the Heart" that he has paid for already (which will still be delivered, but it obviously happens way too late).
My Ko-fi account looks slightly better, but it still feels unoptimized and clumsy. A do-over for both accounts is sorely needed.

There will be new reward tiers on Patreon, tiers that reflect my current writing situation and are designed for my current projects and, most importantly, tiers that I can not only bite off, but chew and swallow as well. What this means is, that all tiers I have created in 2019 will be deleted and replaced with new ones. One of the new tiers will also be about "The Sky is Gone", which brings me to the second news.

Since the end of last year, I have gotten two new patrons. I was originally planning to talk about them in Spring after resuming my writing for 2022, but unexpected events meant that I needed to take care of some other very important things first, which also left me exhausted for a good part of the year, until the end of September.
The first one of my new patrons started pledging on December 15th and is a reader of "The Sky is Gone", going by the name of Fome here on FIMFiction.net. Fome supports me on the 1$ tier ever since, for almost a year now, and has pledged a total of 11$ to me, so far. It's a tier without a reward, so there's nothing outstanding that I owe you, but if you keep supporting me on this tier and are still interested in "The Sky is Gone", I will have something to offer you soon.
The second, new patron I got has stopped pledging again since he joined my Patreon account, but it would be unfair not to mention him here after his support. He goes by the name of Lachlan Andrew Ormerod on Patreon and has started pledging 5$ to me on June 29th and did this over four months, from July to October, with a total amount of 20$. I don't know your name here on FIMFiction.net and you pledged at a time when my Patreon was laying dormant and I was already making plans for a redesign, so I could not give you what you pledged for during this time, but if you would like to have a reward of some kind, contact me and we will work something out!

Coming back to the redesign, like I said, all reward tiers that have been there previously will be deleted and replaced. The 1$ tier will be for "The Sky is Gone", I am not revealing what it is yet, but it will give you an advantage with reading the story if you pledge to this tier.
The other tiers are still undecided, I will think about them in the coming days and they will also be based on what I'm currently writing and which of my stories have been the most interesting to my readers lately. This will still be experimental, of course, I am going to see what sticks and what doesn't, so tiers might still get changed and new tiers added even after the redesign. The overall goals of the redesign are optimization and organization; a more appealing design with a neater structure and rewards that I can confidently and reliably deliver each month. Over time, the reward tiers might also be about more than just writing, but this is something for a more distant future, right now, I want to focus on writing rewards that are connected to my stories.
While I work on everything, I will temporarily remove the links to my Patreon account and my Ko-fi account from my userpage. I plan to be finished by Tuesday, November 29th, and to present the redesigned accounts there. The links will return to my userpage in new glamour on that date.

That's about it. I'll be busy opening the gate to an even better future now. And if you are my mystery patron, whose name here I don't know, and read this blog entry, send me a private message if you would like to have a reward for your four months of support and we will work something out!

Stay not where it lurks, lock the door, turn off the light.

~ Flutterscare

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