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Twilight is just trying to have a nice quiet day without any enlightening escapades or adventures, but that was never really going to happen, was it? No. When the friendly neigh-bourhood mailmare gets a tipoff that the fate of existence is at stake, she needs the magic of Twilight Sparkle to help her along, and drags her unwilling passenger across the galaxy in a voyage of the highest importance.

Cover Art by me as part of the Terrible-GIMP-Coverart-Collection(tm) DONUTSTEAL

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Sometimes, things may not end how you intend them to end, and sometimes this ending is better than the ending that you had put the planning into. when a man with the name of Michael is mistaken for something that he is not, he is moved to Equestria where every person is a pony and there are no human beings. In this land he learns many new things that the people in his home could be better if they also learned them.

Chapters (2)