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Glitch is an emotionally repressed Wasteland tech. Using his electric weaponry, he mercilessly murders raiders and scavengers for their weapons and gear. But when he meets a Pegasus fallen from the clouds, he starts to learn what it means to be a pony. Together, they try to keep an advanced megaspell away from a cultist group bent on bringing a never ending radiation storm to the Wasteland.

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Five years ago.....
The Gryphons became jealous of Equestria's immense power and prosperity.
The Dragons sought to obtain more wealth through conquest
The Changelings decided to get revenge for their failed plot
And Equestria was not ready for Total War

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The empty void of space is prime grounds for mercenaries and freelancers. This story is about a group of such ponies, who are faced with a life threatening challenge when their cargo ship is attacked by a gang of savage pirates, bent on taking their cargo, and possibly, their lives.

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