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Glitch is an emotionally repressed Wasteland tech. Using his electric weaponry, he mercilessly murders raiders and scavengers for their weapons and gear. But when he meets a Pegasus fallen from the clouds, he starts to learn what it means to be a pony. Together, they try to keep an advanced megaspell away from a cultist group bent on bringing a never ending radiation storm to the Wasteland.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 10 )

As the official Noakwolf of the FoE group I welcome you! :twilightsmile:


Thanks! I really hope everypony in the group enjoys my story :D


I like it, but story is too rushed. It's sould be more slow and detailed. Anyway keep writing. :twilightsmile:


I'll remember that. I tried to have a bit of a fast writing style. But, I don't want to sacrifice content.




To answer your question...

I am not a smart pony.

Thanks for the advice. I'm actually revising the first chapter further. So, consider this the first change.

One thing that you have to think on is that you description should be as good as it can be. So that mean a lover case in your "tech", "pegasus" and "Megaspell" since all these things are things and not names.

Keep on writing I like where this is going

This is a good story, I hope you continue it

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