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I've always been interested on Pinkamena's motives on why she murders. Is it insanity or is it something more?

(Contains Anthropomorphizations & implied Hebephilia)
(Please note that this is my first attempt at a rhyme poem. Any criticisms will be much appreciated.)

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Since the death of the Celestial Sisters, Equestria has been at war. Three sides have made themselves clear:
The Earth clans wish to see the Unicorn's pay for their supposed usurping of the Sisters.
The Pegasi clans wish to dominate Unicorn and Earth alike.
The Unicorns see themselves as the true rulers of not only Equestria but the world.
Their leaders, General Applejack, Commander Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Chancellor Rarity and Fluttershy, have all been called to a summit by the request of Arch magister Twilight Sparkle. Her hopes are that this war can be put to an end by the once best of friends. The information that she holds will bring an end to the conflict, certainly, but it may not be something that they all wish to hear.
(Contains Anthropomorphizations)
(If the idea has been done before, no infringement intended.)

Chapters (1)