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I'm not much of a writer (Ideas are present however, motivation decided to go on a permanent vacation to the moon.) However if you want help or a reader for anything feel free to ask me.

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Hello There.

As you know, I got special permission to stay on the chat during the last wekend. However, I got no productive feedback from my stories (especially the new ones) so I was looking for you and Whiplash (the only two users I know who have read all my stories).

I need you to tell me if you'll have free time during this weekend. I have already finished Hangover (Party's sequel) and I'm just waiting for the challenge to be completed, but I need feedback. I must know if the second story will have as much acceptance as the first had.

The mechanism will be equal to prevous ones: we connect on the google doc page of the story and you point the flaws/references/mistakes. I need to know if I can count on you; I need an answer before friday.

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