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Twilight has invented a new spell to help Applejack out of a crisis at the acres by growing apple trees very quickly. When she tries to show her friends this new spell she manages to put herself and Pinkie Pie in Limbo, a stasis like existence outside the space time continuum...
Discontinued, simply because I did one of the biggest mistakes an author can do, Did not plan the plot through before. (and I totally lost all feel for this one when ''Its About Time'' episode introduced time travel spells :(

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The Cupcake killer have been stopped, marking the end of the disappearances and killings in Ponyville. But not before a certain cream colored earth pony is janked away from Lyra's life forever. How are you supposed to keep going when the pony of your dreams is brutally murdered? When the pony you where going to spend the rest of your life with suddenly vanished?

Will Lyra saddened with grief find the way forward? Or will she break in to the sorrow?

Chapters (4)
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