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After hearing a haunting melody for weeks on end, Rainbow Dash flys far east from Equestria, making a journey she has to make.

Written for the May 2021 Original Pairing Contest

Proofread by yo mumma, lolol lmao eyy gotem

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Sweetie Belle has had her ruby necklace for years, and she wears it everywhere she goes. She never questioned where she got it from and why, until three new girls transfer to Canterlot High.

Written for May 2021 Original Pairing Contest but it didn't actually fit the criteria, I think its pretty good so am uploading it anyway.

Proofread by me

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After almost a month on the road from a long and difficult friendship problem, Twilight can't wait to get home, relax, and spend some time with her friends. She is surprised to find that while away Ponyville seems to have become happier, and everypony seems kinder than ever! But an investigation into that can wait, first, she's got a party with her friends.

Unedited because editing is for nerds, amirite gamers?

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In the ruins of a world, the last god contemplates Happiness, and how it broke us all.


Written for Hypnosis and Mind Control's Story Theme Roulette.

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