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Sweetie Belle has had her ruby necklace for years, and she wears it everywhere she goes. She never questioned where she got it from and why, until three new girls transfer to Canterlot High.

Written for May 2021 Original Pairing Contest but it didn't actually fit the criteria, I think its pretty good so am uploading it anyway.

Proofread by me

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Great oneshot. Would have wanted to see what would have happened, had the story continued any further. But this works very well on it's own. I always love stories where one of the characters gets turned into a siren.

If the siren's song didn't effect Rarity at the cafeteria, why did it affect her at the pier?

Otherwise, interesting concept.

The Dazzling's songs don't effect her or the rest of the Elements, but Sweetie's song is differnet. I sorta tried to hint at it with her humming and the people around her getting pissed

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