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On-Hiatus · 2:34am Jan 10th, 2013

A great deal of family stuff came up over the break, so while I managed to add a few things, I don't have anything worthy of posting at the moment. My courseload this semester is considerably higher, as I have to write a feature-length screenplay and several short stories, so I doubt I'll be getting to this story until I have a much greater handle on exactly how much free time I'll have. As such, I've marked the story as On Hiatus until such a time as I can again commit to consistent updates.

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2 weeks?
Shit man.

247778 And to think I started off trying not to like Exile. :rainbowkiss: You've done a great job.

Got trapped in Detroit for two days while trying to fly back home for Christmas. Ended up spending today entirely in airports as well. Finally get home midnight tonight. Should have something up within the next 24hrs for sure though.

Dammit, Y U NO UPDATE EXILE? :flutterrage:

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