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The performance for tonight has been canceled due to hazardous storm conditions.

Also, seven young girls have gone missing.

If you have any information as to their whereabouts, please forward it to the Canterlot police department at once.

The battle of the bands can't happen during a rainstorm, it isn't Woodstock. Besides, everyone is too busy to attend a concert. Families are searching diligently for their lost daughters, sisters, and friends. They all know the clock is ticking. If they don't find them soon, they will never get them back at all. After all, the human body can only survive three days without water.

There won't be any Dazzlings in the story, it messed up the whole tone when I tried to add them. Still working on my writing, please leave a critique if you liked it, or not.

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Nature makes her creatures well. Even if six little fillies are lost in the forest at night, somehow, they just might find a way into the loving arms of another caretaker. Unless a predator gets to them first.

A cute little one-shot I based off the cover art. ^_^ It came to me while I was snuggling Pinkie Pie and Applejack.

I'm sorry Secrets of the Everfree is taking so long to update. I've hit a bout of writer's bout for the current section. I can clearly see what's going to happen AFTER, but this filler part is hard...

Image URL: http://beavernator.deviantart.com/art/Let-This-Be-Our-Prayer-365160444

EDIT: Well, you guys convinced me. I thought this would be a one-shot, but I was wrong. I've talked to a friend, we've decided to co-write this into a full-blown story! We ARE pretty busy and can only meet once in a while, but with two of us working together, writer's block won't be an issue. Hope you enjoy!

EDIT: Norm De Plume has graciously offered to Beta the story, and I have accepted. Please give him as much credit as you would give me. His help really smooths out my writing.

EDIT: Well, it's been a while. I never did get together that often with my writing partner, and the whole thing has just fallen apart. I feel this story stands well enough on it's own, so I'm canceling any future updates. However, if you wish to use this story as a springboard for one of your own, just message me. We'll work something out. Thanks for staying with me so long guys. I wish I could've given you more.

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Ponykind has many legends.

They tell of terrifying monsters, fearsome beats, and crippling illnesses. The Mare in the Moon, Daring Do and Ahuizotl... They are all based on realty, though some are more fanciful than others. Ponies everywhere enjoying re-telling them to friends over a mug of cider, or to young fillies too restless to fall asleep. Still, one story is rather taboo in Ponyville. It tells of a sickness that cannot be cured. The reason only brave colts whisper it to each other in dark alleyways is because it is too close to home. The sickness has visited Ponyville before.

The Apple Family is all-too-familiar with this sickness, known too many as the dark plague. Several years ago, many ponies died in a deadly epidemic. The Ponyville chapter of the Apples was very nearly disbanded by the fearsome killer, and it still managed to orphan Big Macintosh and Applejack. Now, old nightmares are rising from the black pits of the past. Applejack, the bearer of Honesty and most dependable pony around, has fallen ill. Though few realize it, she is in very grave danger. No pony magic can cure the dark plague.

Desperate to keep her family together, Apple Bloom and her friends have vanished into the Everfree Forest, to seek the aid of a herbalist. Perhaps the skills of a zebra can save her sister. What they do not know is that there is but one race that can stop the Plague. A race that is only spoken of in legend and myth. A race that has not been seen since Princess Celestia was but a filly...

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1000 years ago, Princess Luna fell. She became a feared and dangerous pony named Nightmare Moon. The beloved Princess Celestia stopped her, and banished the Nightmare, and her Sister, to the moon. Yet what actually happened all those years ago? Why did a Princess of Equestria turn to darkness? How did Princess Celestia permanently banish her sister away? What truly happened?

This is a story I originally wrote for class. :) Yet I was pleased with the story, and posted it here as well! Hope you enjoy!


Update: I have revised and extended the story. If you still want the original, I have kept it safe on my computer. Please let me know what you think of this version. Thank you for all the kind reviews. :)

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