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Vinyl's daily morning routine gets a nice surprise addition.

Written for Equestria Daily's Friend Off Revival.

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Princess Luna's first birthday since she returned from the moon. It's the talk of Equestria, and preparations are well under way. But when a strange unicorn appears and quickly becomes the alicorn's favorite musician, Princess Celestia sets out to find the truth behind the mysterious pony. Will she like what finds? Or will her discoveries put the fate of Equestria in danger once more?

Twilight, meanwhile, has never had a drink before in her life. She knows the stories of what has happened to ponies who bite off more than they can chew,and has always been careful to avoid drinking altogether. So, when Princess Celestia invites her to Luna's birthday, where drinking will be a requirement to meet the social standard, Twilight, understandably, bites off more than she can chew. When she wakes up the next morning beside a strange mare, she gets scared. Will Princess Celestia understand? Worse...Will her friends?

Takes place just after Season 2.

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