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I just hope to entertain people with my fancy horse words. I always appreciate criticism.

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"These papers are my reports upon my studies of equestrian cutlure, physics, genetics, magical theory, geology, politics, and war. Viewed in as scientific form as I can manage.

These are my theories and observations as best as I can describe them, and their contrast with those in my home reality. Hopefully, these observations will shed further light upon the world of Equestria for those within, and should these ever manage to go further, those without."

By Emeris Fillson

(Inspired by both Xenophillia and The Xenophillias Guide to Equestria, two very awesome stories.)

This is directly connected to my other story, Consequences of Unoriginallity, and are in-character observations of the main character. These observations do not occur at any specified point in the story, and as such, may have slight spoilers. Reading of one does not require reading of the other.

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