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(The story is set in an alternate universe before the events of Season 1 and Nightmare Moon's banishment.)

Far back in the past, an evil king named King Dominus threatened to envelop the land of Equestria in darkness but thanks to the combined efforts of Celestia and the Red Knight, the king was sealed away. 3 years later, Dominus was freed and he plans to repeat the past but on a much bigger scale and with more allies then before. To combat the King's new rise, Celestia and Luna must bring together a team of Knights to save their land. Along the way, they will face many challenges and villains, some new and some familiar. Will this team be able to work togethor to stop Dominus or will their home fall into darkness?

(We THRIVE on your feedback guys! We want to turn this into something huge and you guys can make that possible! Comments and favorites are what we are looking for and we hope to entertain you guys!)

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One sleep deprived night produced this little gem and I'm honestly quite satisfied with it. Make sure to drop a comment! Inspired by the Shane Dawson song "Maybe This Christmas."

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have always shared a personnel connection with one another but tragedy strikes before Fluttershy can admit her full feelings towards her best friend. All she wants is one last night for some sweet and simple closure. Yes this is Flutterdash but not EXTREME.

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So yea, how do I put this simply. A TV crash lands in Equestria and Pinkie Pie finds it, getting the idea to start a badly put togethor television show on a public access show. No sex or gore in this just...a lot of random and crudely put togethor situations that will just make you say "WHY..."

I just wanted to make this to see how random I can be. Positive or negative feedback is appreciated!

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