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Episode One-Hmmm-dred · 11:25pm Jun 13th, 2015

I'm divided. I liked it, but not as much as I'd like to like it, or maybe it's a matter of how critically respectable it might be to like it. The sincerity of the ending graciously offset a lot of the wink-wink-nudge-nudge stuff, which is lucky because MLP is pretty much the only show from which I tolerate that kind of guilelessness. But because it is MLP, namely its own specific show, it was sorta like, a little bit here and there is great, but leave the Doctor and Jeff

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Vulnerability · 7:19pm Sep 2nd, 2014

I just published a real bizarre Optimalverse one-shot I feel a tad self-conscious about showing the world. Maybe it's crazy, maybe it's pretentious, or maybe it's crazy-pretentious, but I'd started putting too much thought into it for it to ever not see the light of day. Read it and draw your own conclusions:

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More. · 3:42am Mar 27th, 2014

Wrote about 1,500 words today on P-Theory. Some of you have been asking, but it ain't dead! I'm getting really on top of work this month, so I should have a lot more time and creative energy to use on writing.

But I did also work on an illustration:

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Merry Xmen. I mean mas. · 11:44pm Dec 25th, 2013

This goes out to all y'all people out there in FiMFictionLand... Hope you had a happy one.
You know, I used to think it was a religious holiday until I saw all these Facebook posts about how apparently people have been celebrating winter holidays for a long, long time! Who knew? Kudos to them for blowing the lid off this whole Christmas thing!

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Smooth Stylin · 9:06am Nov 9th, 2013

Just got back from doing a stand up set (kiiiiilled iiiiiiit - So many free drinks) and am booked for another one tomorrow, at a comic shop of all places (I'll make sure to check if they have The Pony). But I also just finished a big commission last night, and should have another one done by this weekend, so there should be plenty of time for me to write.

More importantly, 20 years ago today (well, the 8th), this came out:

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Nocturne of Ominous Dreams · 9:29am Oct 31st, 2013

My favorite holiday, and not just because my birthday is two days later [31].
...I tried to combine "Birthday" and "Nightmare Night," and, uh... Well, I don't think this trips into NSFW:

Must be all the sexy costumes. Saw "Sexy Hitler" last year. Also an AJ/Pinkie cosplay duo.

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Making Good Time · 11:33pm Aug 29th, 2013

I have to go do stuff tonight, but I've been writing a lot and thought I'd share a little hint of the next chapter (Interlude Two, where we see the Equestria side of things), since I don't know how busy I'll be in the next couple days:

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I Am a Tool · 8:37am Aug 22nd, 2013

By which I mean, I am a freelancer who is contracted by clients to create images for them.

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Well That Escalated Quickly · 7:29pm Jul 14th, 2013

Canterlot's done. It got way more elaborate than I originally envisioned, since I wasn't satisfied here and then had to go rework something over there to make things consistent, and I would still have kept going to correct every little wobbly area, but....no:

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Not Nearly As Complicated As It Looks · 7:02am Jul 7th, 2013

OK I slept on it and I think it's good enough to go with.
This makes it look like we've only dipped our toes into the story, but those first chapters were much, much denser (also because I already wrote those parts and so there's nothing more to really say about them, planning-wise). The pace is going to pick up, but it'll still be more on the easygoing, observant side. Going to try to get the next chapter out before the 20th, when I'm going out of town for a bit.

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