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    Merry Xmen. I mean mas.

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    Smooth Stylin

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    Nocturne of Ominous Dreams

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    Making Good Time

    I have to go do stuff tonight, but I've been writing a lot and thought I'd share a little hint of the next chapter (Interlude Two, where we see the Equestria side of things), since I don't know how busy I'll be in the next couple days:

    Wanting to prime her courtiers with the exceptional nature of the situation, Celestia decided to forgo the traditional circular meeting table and instead called forth five planes of concentrated force to flash through the marble floor, liberating a long rectangular slab which she then raised and bound firmly to the very space of the room, leaving it to hover, ominously inert, at a seated pony’s chest level.

    No fussily dressed maids entered with trays of confectionary or sumptuous, palatial cushions.  Instead, Luna, reading her sister’s intentions, conjured a mat of black, utilitarian padding trimmed in silver, to bridge the pit left by the floating table, and two rows of similarly spartan black and silver drinking bowls, filled with clear water.


    They exchanged a polite nod with a circle of ponies and one diamond dog sharing a hookah made from an old municipal censer, then turned another corner to arrive at the surprisingly plain and unadorned entrance to the most ancient part of the tunnels.  Upper Reaches had expected a sign, or a curtain, or at least some kind of frame around the threshold, but it was simply a rough circular shaft sunk into the face of the rock, sloping gently downward and swallowing the light as if it were stuffed with ink-stained cotton.  

    It's been a while, so here's Interlude One in case you missed it.

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    I Am a Tool

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    Well That Escalated Quickly

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    Not Nearly As Complicated As It Looks

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    Canterlot WIP

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    A New Chapter Sunday

    With an illustration included from the beginning this time!  I just finished it.  It's not much, but it's cute enough and I've somehow committed myself to including one each time.

    I'm not entirely sure yet how the rest of this scene is going to play out, but in any case after this chapter there's going to be another little detour back to Equestria, to catch up with what's going on there.

    Should be up tomorrow afternoon or evening, depending on site traffic - It's all finished, I just want to sleep on it and then read it over a few times to catch any mistakes or ugly turns of phrase.

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    Saw Equestria Girls

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    I finished that big animation project and only have two other things I need to work on this week, so I'm going to try to switch back into writing mode and get the next chapter of P-Theory done before Friday, when I go out of town for the weekend for a friend's bachelor party - Interestingly the same group of friends I was partying with last summer when I imagined the opening to this story (they're not in it, though).  

    There was a bit of writer's block going on earlier (that's part of why I was giving out so many fanarts), but I think that might have been more because all my energy was shifted towards drawing, and I've noticed whenever I switch from one medium to another, it always takes a few days after the switch for things to really start flowing again.  I'm going to try to do an illustration for it, just like the other chapters, but if I can't get it done in time I'll publish it without one and then do it when I get back to town.

    Anyway, back to work on Chapter IX - The ball is right now in the client's court for both current projects.

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    At least I can do it in my pajamas...

    One of my illustration clients is wanting to start speeding things along (me too; it's been taking forever), so the next chapter might be delayed a bit.

    I've written most of it out, but as of now it leads into an arc I'm not sure is entirely necessary.  On the one hand, encounters need to happen out in the city with different kinds of people (let's fire them at a pony and see what happens!), but on the other it needs to segue into something qualitatively new instead of just being deposited back out on the street.  Hmmm... I suppose I could have it lead into the other thing I want to have happen out on the street, but how to do it naturally...?

    While I mull that over, enjoy this surprisingly well-produced music video of the International Space Station's Chris Hadfield covering David Bowie, with a couple lyrics changes to make it about being sad to be going home, instead of deciding never to (I guess that Harlem Shake they did was just a warm up act):

    (I can't top my friend's assessment that it'd be worth it even if this is all they built the thing to do.)

    As for the Equestria Girls preview?  Hm.  For one thing, wasn't "Equestria girls" the exact premise of the actual show?  Not like the HBO show "Girls" but the literal kind (Try watching that back to back with FiM, though - Suddenly MLP feels like a Shonen show about fighting monsters). But from what I've seen it could be a lot worse.  I'm going to reserve judgement, though, and see if a consensus starts to form over it.  In other words, you guys all go see it first and tell me how it is.

    But what I want to know is, why are the ponies - animals which in real life have twiggy, knobbly limbs - so adorably chubby and filled out, while the humans - animals which in real life have smooth, sleek limbs - are so damn skinny and pointy?

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    A Preview Approaches!

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    Flap Them Crazy Wings

    So, Twilicorn happened.  I should probably speak up or be further buried in the lower layers of the Ponisphere.

    I enjoyed the episode - The songs were catchy and fun, everypony was in top form, and there was lots of creative imagery, but the whole thing just made me sad.  It felt really elegiac, like it was an official final episode, which in a way I suppose it was - Bidding farewell to that "arc" of the show and moving into a new one.

    Once Twilight was in that dreamworld with Celestia, though, and Celestia started singing, I was pretty much sold on the whole endeavor.  It was clear that the spell in the beginning was the final test, and the scenes from Twilight's past were convincingly presented as the antecedents for the current consummation of her story.  The spell was sorta like a friendly version of the Hellraiser puzzle box - Celestia knew her solving it would vaporize/propel Twilight to Alicorn Space, from which she'd return as her new self.  They seem like disparate elements on the surface, but together it reads as a pretty tight unfolding of one of Celestia's plans.  Plus she got to seem all awesome and omnipotent again, and actually got to sing, which was really nice for me as a Celestia fan.

    I think it worked because it was a musical, and the whole thing felt more like a montage you could fill in with whatever you needed to imagine happening, instead of a literal narration where they tried to show the audience the actual sequence of events.  They likely knew that no matter what they did it was going to disappoint a lot of people, so they just stayed hands-off and let the audience read into it what they themselves knew would satisfy them, and then season 4 can start off with fresh adventures by this leveled-up crew.  Megan McCarthy apparently tweeted that the opener is a two-parter following on the heels of this one, and she's been consistently awesome, so I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt.

    I don't know how Twi's friends aren't burning with envy, though.  They're obviously ecstatic for her, but those two things aren't mutually exclusive.  

    Finally, Rainbow Dash about to be cooked into a stew and eaten by woodland creatures?  Thumbs up, DHX.  Thumbs up.  Dug that they actually said "alicorn," too - I know they did in "Magic Duel" as well, but now it was in reference to the actual being, and not just the name of an artifact.  Pretty sure that term to refer to a winged unicorn originated with the fandom, dinnit?  

    OH, there's also Equestria Girls.  My reaction is a resounding "huh?"  I'm not against the idea, if it even goes through, but it just seems entirely superfluous.

    People love the characters, yeah, but its their relation to their world and their sorta "foreignness" that makes them who they are and is part of their appeal.  What's human Rainbow Dash going to dream of joining?  A jet aerobatics team?  Something else entirely?  Are they all going to be played by the same voice actors?  

    It just seems backwards.  Like, the original Star Trek, right?  After they realized that had become a megahit that wouldn't be forgotten, they made "Star Trek: The Next Generation," which is arguably even more beloved today.  They didn't make a show where Kirk and McCoy now shared a Manhattan apartment and Spock was their wacky neighbor.  Because that would be completely bonkers.

    The most natural thing would be to explore more of Equestria, following a different gang with a different overriding theme, and if I'm not mistaken that was an idea they were bouncing around sometime last year.  I think everyone would prefer that, but if the suits are demanding humans get in on the action, it's still way better to keep them segregated in their own show - Muddying the notion that the ponies built their whole world themselves would kill half the charm and wonder of it

    The way I could see Equestria Girls working, though, is as shorts:  Append minute-long segments to either the main show or other shows, with just one or two gags, or a short continuation of a single story.  That way it doesn't distract from anything and feels more like a funhouse mirror for the show than a counterpart or competitor.  

    Personally, I think it'll fall through or was just a rumor to begin with, but still, what a weird choice.

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    Bombs Away!

    I just hit "submit" for my first story on this site, a stab at the Optimalverse.  It's only part one of two, but I realized holding onto these stories until they're polished and tightened as much as possible is completely bananas.

    I've got the first seven chapters of my "main" story ready to publish, but I thought I'd put this one out first to blaze a bit of a trail.  I'll let this one bump all the tripwires and fall in the tiger pits.

    On Twilicorn:  What if in season 4 all her friendship problems are about her trying to get the community to accept her and convince them she's the same Twilight she always was?  MIND BLOWN

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I'm divided.  I liked it, but not as much as I'd like to like it, or maybe it's a matter of how critically respectable it might be to like it.  The sincerity of the ending graciously offset a lot of the wink-wink-nudge-nudge stuff, which is lucky because MLP is pretty much the only show from which I tolerate that kind of guilelessness.  But because it is MLP, namely its own specific show, it was sorta like, a little bit here and there is great, but leave the Doctor and Jeff Lebowski back in their own stories—It's not their place to do any heavy lifting here.  It was sorta like the Tirek fight:  This is awesome and fun and all, but does it belong here?  It's always been a pretty self-aware and playful show, though, so I dunno.

But that bit with Gummy was great.  And the writing and pacing were snappy, which is something I thought was lacking in season 5 up until the Discord episode, making everything seem kinda clunky before that.  

All that aside, though, Tabitha killed it as Derpy Muffins.

I'll have to watch it again in a few days before my opinion on it will congeal.  While I felt like I could hear DHX behind it going "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??," well, I was, so...

I mean, on the one hand, wow!  22 minutes of fanservice!

But on the other hand, ugh, 22 minutes of fanservice...?

In any case, they clearly worked hard and went out of their way to make something for the fans, so I hope they get a positive reaction, which so far it seems like they are.  Hopefully people don't turn against it in a month, because it'd make me really sad to see that kind of playful effort backfire on them.

...Wait.  So this show is based on a toy line, right?  What if all this reification of fanon is a mirroring-back of the way people play with the ponies?

Think about it.

Report Balthasar999 · 271 views · #episode 100 #fanon
#1 · 93w, 3d ago · 3 · ·

We're getting into some Lego Movie-level recursion there. Larson may have given us a glimpse into his mind.

And now I'm somewhat disturbed...

#2 · 93w, 3d ago · 1 · ·


Now you've got me thinking it's only a matter of time before we get a Chris Pratt pony.

#3 · 93w, 3d ago · 4 · ·

Lol. Well, I loved it. And I love that we have it. I can think of a hundred ways I'd do it different. But hey, I wouldn't honestly have it any other way now that we got it.

It's like, this was for us, with the best intentions.

Something like EQG was for money, and for toys, plain and simple. I'll look at this as an apology.

#4 · 93w, 3d ago · · ·


Something like EQG was for money, and for toys, plain and simple. I'll look at this as an apology.

That's a really good point.

I certainly liked it, just not unreservedly.  

#5 · 93w, 3d ago · 3 · ·

Agreed, they really got the balance much better with episode 200 than they did with this one.

#6 · 93w, 3d ago · 2 · ·


Yeah, I really liked the part where they had to do a "Fantastic Voyage" into Rainbow Dash's brain to pull out that hailstone, but I thought the extended shot-for-shot homage to "2001" with all the cave-ponies hooting around the giant cake was a little much.

#7 · 84w, 4d ago · · ·

Of all the directions I could have moved with this, my mind chose this one: MOAR.

And for that, I'm sorry. It's embarrassing, really, but, if they can pull this off, why the hell not get crazy shit like Patrick Stewart voicing for Star Swirl the Bearded against John DeLancie's Discord? It makes me itch in a way that only the actual happening of these speculations can scratch, and it's all because Episode 100 literally, not figuratively,





See, after that, a bar has been set. Set higher than ever before. But it's not so high that it's unattainable; it's just high enough that all I can think about is topping it. I understand it may never happen. I understand I may remain itchy for a very long time, to serve my prior metaphor, but AUGH IT IS TORTURE, PURE TORTURE, NOT KNOWING WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN NEXT!

You know what you did, Larson -_- you magnificent bastard.

I will never escape this fandom now.

#8 · 84w, 1d ago · 1 · ·


Yeah, I definitely think the show works best as a goofy, rather self-aware action comedy, but because it takes place in its own specific fantasy world I'm just concerned it'll lose a lot of its charm if it gets too meta.  

This still sums up my thoughts pretty well:

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