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2023 (My Writing Year) · 7:19pm Dec 31st, 2022

Hello, it's been quite some time everyone and frankly I wish it wasn't. I've been very busy with Christmas, and before that with my work, and before that with my project (which is still going on) so I just have not had FiM high on my priority list.
Today however I want that to change. I've got a lot of stories in the version of Equestria I've been working on and I want to actually do something with it but even more than that I want to try writing again.

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Hanging in there, bud? :rainbowdetermined2:

I'll keep an eye out.

Aww, thanks a bunch. Glad to be here.
And don't worry, your secret is safe with me

Thanks a bunch. In fact, here's one more that I recently made but haven't shown yet. 😄

Hey there! Welcome to Fimiction! Love your animations! They look awesome!

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