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I'm tired of these tests, tired of all the rigorous testing. I find it pointless but the colts in white say it's necessary. What is the necessity for having me and the other subjects put through this. The weird part is that the cots in white say I'm unique, they say my circumstances are different from the rest. Apparently my unknown upbringing, my lack of history as I like to say, has brought the attention of the colts in white my way. So my testing is unique compared to the rest. My muscles are pushed harder, surgery is to enhance my body is riskier, and the bio testing is more intense. I have been completely removed from the rest of the world that I know, and I am alone.

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The year is 2042, it's been 10 years since my race has been enslaved. We have lost all dignity, branded and labeled as inferior after the invention of steam ships. We are now forced to serve on the admirable steam ships or work at dock yards in exchange for a home. The work is arduous and grueling but it's all we can do to keep our wings, to remain in our home. I on the other hand no longer have a home, I was cast out, not meeting the physical standards for work in the clouds. since I couldn't pass the test they removed my wings and expelled me from society. I am sentenced to death for my weakness, branded, unable to fly like the rest of my kind, with the rest of the Pegasus.

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