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Well, let me start by saying that I will mainly be writing love stories! Being that it is my favorite genre of literature, I find it much easier to write. Of course I will get out of the comfy zone!


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  • TLike a Broken Record
    I never would have guessed that a relationship that ended so tragic, led to something that makes me feel so good to finally have close to my heart.
    HeartBeat · 13k words  ·  63  1 · 2k views
  • TBreeze of Love
    Swift Breeze is a pegasus pony who's life is pretty good. Can a certain mare make it any better?
    HeartBeat · 21k words  ·  70  3 · 2.7k views
  • TRipped Away
    In this second person story, you will be taken through the story of what made Rainbow Dash into the powerful, amazing, booming fast, mare she is today. It's a sad tragedy, starting off in the slums of Cloudsdale, to when she joins Ponyville.
    HeartBeat · 4.6k words · 443 views
  • EWhen The Snow Falls
    Short story about a young earth pony who was hurt by the winter, being reminded of the pain each season it returns. This is the story of Estival and his struggle to get his mind straight
    HeartBeat · 1.5k words · 414 views