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Well, let me start by saying that I will mainly be writing love stories! Being that it is my favorite genre of literature, I find it much easier to write. Of course I will get out of the comfy zone!

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Bright Valor, a colt who seems to carry the burden of depression, lives in Ponyville with his family. Being a young colt has it's struggles. His grades are horrible, he doesn't talk much, and to top it off, the poor colt is constantly bullied for his weak heart and body. But when he meets his classmate, the young filly named Ditzy Doo, or Derpy Hooves, his life flips upside down. They both have similar struggles, so it's no wonder how the get along. They both are taken down by bullies, but together, their bond can overcome it all.

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As a teenager, Rainbow Dash wakes up one day, not knowing where your parents are... Breaking down, alone in a world that is full of friendship...
A simple young mare living like this is a struggle. No parents, money, clinging only to the glimmering hope: friendship. Rainbow Dash is a tough girl, so haven't you ever wondered how she became to be like this? This story is a journey of tragedy, struggle, and the small glimmer of hope that formed this Pegasus.

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The snow is a chilling, nonliving thing that haunts hearts who have lost their other half. The snow is heartless itself, covering things that were once beautiful, but all turn white once the season comes around. The season that coats all of the land in a blanket of white, yet freezing what lies below. Young Estival has been living in this town of Ponyville for years, yet when winter comes by, the poor earth stallion becomes cold as well; his frozen lips become sealed, left only to his thoughts...

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I thought that every relationship would last for my lifetime. But it always gets thrown back at my face. Daizy dumped me in the cold streets, and I felt the need for a drink to calm my nerves. But when I arrive at the club for a drink, I meet a lovely mare named Vinyl Scratch. Putting my other relationship behind me, I think that there is something that can really work between us. Am I wrong?

-First Person Vinal Scratch & OC fic.

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Swift Breeze, a pegasus pony, has lived his whole life in ponyville. One day he decides to take a break and relax a while on his small vacation from work. that is when he meets a mare, Rainbow Dash, at a Wonderbolts performance. Will this just be a new friendship between the two? Or will its spark a relationship between them?

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