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I'm pretty awesome. I just thought you should be aware of that.


Still Going · 11:45am Apr 26th, 2013

Yea I take my time, but I'll get there eventually. Hopefully. Maybe. Point is, there will be moar soon...ish.

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nicely done on your stories keep it up.... :rainbowkiss: now back to reading... :derpytongue2:

122094 Uni and such are kerfuddling it. I've planned out how I want SB's and AB's story to end (although I'll probably revise it again), and written the first couple of chapters of "Part Two: Checkpoint Charlie" but I'm not ready to publish them. I'll probably have a spurt of productivity soon :pinkiehappy:

Hey! Just wanted to check in and see how CIB was coming. :twilightsmile:

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