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The battle is over; we lost...everything. The army of those filthy undeads will pay, pay with the last of the life they have left! I need help, however I'm afraid the Alliance are fighting their own tough battles, and everyone else probably is, too. What to do, what to do. Maybe the ruins of the Sunwell will help me find answers. Yeah, it's in ruins, but it's always helped give me answers before. Ancestors, if you can hear me, please help my people; your people...please...

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All is normal in Equestria. In two seconds flat, all that changes when a rift between Egypt and Equestria forms due to an imbalance of positive and negative energy between the two dimensions from an unknown cause. Only one human, a brave and daring teenage girl who discovers it while fetching water from the Nile, has the guts to go through the rift to an unknown world.

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