Elf in Equestria

by MossMoss

A Different World

"Wh-where are we?" Kit asks, trembling. "Are we in a place so we can escape fear or something? If so, it's not working."

"Oh, of course," I retort. "A place where evil doesn't exist, a place where everything is made of candy and sugar, a place where we can just forget about those we left behind, a place where I'll just forget about getting revenge on those stupid undeads, a place where all the residents are nice little colorful ponies!"

"Something makes me doubt that..."

"Of course, that's because none of it is true!"

"Um, except maybe the last part."

"Are you hallucinating?" I'm a little worried. "You can't go crazy on me now, please!"

"No." Kit points east. Or I think it's east. Let's see; if the sun's there and it's in the late afternoon, almost sunset, then--Oh, just forget it.

I look over to where Kit is pointing. A couple of ponies bounding toward us. One is a pegusus and the other is what I think would be called an earth pony. The pegasus was blue with a rainbow-colored mane. The earth pony was pink with a magenta mane.

"Ooh!" the pink pony squeals. She races toward Kit and me. "Visitors!"

"Pinkie Pie!" the pegasus calls after the earth pony. "For all we know, they could want to kill us!"

"Don't worry, Rainbow Dash! They look pretty friendly to me!"

I clutch my sword tightly and draw it out of its sheath. I push the tip against the cheerful pony's throat, just light enough so that it wouldn't puncture her skin.

"Back off!" the pegasus demanded. "Or else!"

I give Kit the sword and pull out my bow and an arrow. "Or else what?"

"You're askin' for it!"

Rainbow Dash flies up and glares down at me and I ready my weapon. If I could get an arrow through her wing, I'd probably bring her straight down to the ground.

"Now, prepare to--"

I shoot the arrow and she falls to the ground.

"I don't think you're a match," I say.

She struggles to get up, but I pound my foot down on her chest.

"Is that..." The blue pegasus coughs. "...all you got?"

"Oh, no!" I promise. "There's a lot more pain I could've given you."

Rainbow Dash craned her neck to look up at Pinkie Pie. "Go for help!"

After a while, the pink pony returned with four others.

"Rainbow Dash," a purple unicorn says, "catch!" She tosses a necklace with a red lightning bolt shape on it. "Now, formation, ladies!" She looks at me and Kit. "I'm sorry. With the power you have and the fact that you're a different race than anyone in Equestria, I'm afraid this is the best options.

There's a flash of blinding light. I'm not sure if anything else happens after that, because I can't remember a single second after that.

Oh, what's going on? Where did that power come from? Why such agony? Why me...?

Author's notes: I've never read a single World of Warcraft-My Little Pony crossover before! The chapters are so damn short... I don't usually make long chapters. Hope you enjoyed it.