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(This story is sci-fi, and somewhat different to regular FIM stories.)
Aneki's world was small. It was spherical, and it only took a day to gallop from one side to the other. She had been taught nothing existed outside the sphere, but she wasn't so sure about that. Perhaps her world was a bottle, a container in which ponies had fled to live. A time would come when she gained the opportunity to investigate these things first hoof, if she lived that long.

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Not everypony who crawls out of a stable can be a Littlepip or a Blackjack. Some try and fail. Some just give up after a while. Some are still alive fifteen years after they emerged, admittedly, crippled or insane, but hey, this is the wasteland. Cyborgs Anne and her brain damaged mother Lee are forced to return to the hell hole that created them in order to find out what was done to them almost two decades ago, and that means putting down their tools and picking up their guns again.

Chapters (39)
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