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A guy with too many stories of his OCs in his head. So instead I decided to write them down. Enjoy.

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House Heart is one of the eleven branch families of the Chrysalis Dynasty. Ruling over the province of Dralai, the 5th largest and northernmost region of the continent. A region rich with hills, snow, and silver. Yet they were often considered the least relevant family due to their queen's youth. Having just reached the age of 22 and therefore seeking a pony mate. Yet whom she finds could give her the recognition she deserves.

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A calamity has struck Equestria. The frozen north has expanded at an alarming rate for seemingly no reason. The Canterlot council of science and technology have seen a disruption of the atmospheric layers. Causing the high winds of the stratosphere to ravage the ground. The resulting winter could last millenia. A small group of frightened but determined creatures have stretched north to one of the generators created during a last ditch effort to save the races of the world from freezing to death, or dying in the chaos in the temperate equatorial regions. The alicorn scientist known as professor Sky Q. Strike or Sky for short leads these survivors to a coal powered generator. Will they be able to stave off the winter?

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