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A guy with too many stories of his OCs in his head. So instead I decided to write them down. Enjoy.


A calamity has struck Equestria. The frozen north has expanded at an alarming rate for seemingly no reason. The Canterlot council of science and technology have seen a disruption of the atmospheric layers. Causing the high winds of the stratosphere to ravage the ground. The resulting winter could last millenia. A small group of frightened but determined creatures have stretched north to one of the generators created during a last ditch effort to save the races of the world from freezing to death, or dying in the chaos in the temperate equatorial regions. The alicorn scientist known as professor Sky Q. Strike or Sky for short leads these survivors to a coal powered generator. Will they be able to stave off the winter?

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While I do enjoy the game itself especially the last autumn scenario, I can definitely see it here in Equestria. The Wendigos might've come back and caused the eternal winter. Though I wished you used the main cast for the story. Would've loved to see how they all reacted to this great change in the world.

But do keep it up and I'll check it on my list when I can.

I understand your idea, and I also want to include the main cast.
I also love The Last Autumn. There will be a sequel where its similar to the builders endless scenario.

Now that I think about it, I know a good way to include them.
How, I'll include them you'll just have to wait.

You say this is you’re first story? You’re doing a great job, I’m exited to continue reading the rest.
I’m not spotting any typos either. Some scenes (Not a big fan of using the colon before dialogue) could use work, as they read like a script instead of a story, but all in all, good job.

Thanks for the feedback. It's people like you that help make stories better.

(Frostpunk spoilers I guess. just to be safe)
I must say that so far this story is going quite well I can see this story going in many different ways like in the last autumn when you must pick to side with the workers or the engineers or in this case pony's or the changeling's/ griffon's for example or in a new home when you must choose from the path of faith or order witch will both be amazing to see in this story with the captains decline it to tyranny with only friends and loved ones keeping him in check.

p.s. I must apologise If I rambled in the making of this post I tend to do that with story's that I enjoy and sorry if any of this comment makes you think I am putting pressure on you this is not my intent in any way shape or form I am just putting a possible path you may wish to take

I really like the idea of having to pick a side.
Sky in my own writings has never been a leader and despises the idea of an individual becoming far too powerful to regulate. In other words, he values stability and believes all of the races can coexist, but events and rising tensions will force his hoof. With this in minds he's going to pick Order, but unlike the game. He puts laws in place to keep his own political power in check. I was thinking of a council of sorts.

it's only days 3 and 4 that I'm writing atm and I believe the 1st conflict will spring up on day 4.It's Between the Ponies and the Mischunian Changelings.

Also, don't worry about the rambling. I also have a habit of fantasizing and assuming things with stories I like as well, so no problem.

I couldn't sleep at all last night or the night before, and it's taking it's toll on me as I look into the mirror next to the bed. My eyes were sunken and bloodshot, my mane had a similar frazzle as Princess Twilight's after one of her panic attacks.

And it's only Day Three of possibly forever...

Speaking of telegrams, I sent an encoded message to Canterlot.

Good to see they have some for of contact; at least for now.
I've got a feeling it's only a question of time until some are saying it's safer going to Canterlot and demand to go back.

Good story so far!
I look forward to see where it goes.

Also, I want to mention this small animation inspired by the same game as this story:

Yes, I watched it too. It's bringing me back to this after its hiatus

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