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Equestria is in the middle of a new golden age renaissance permeated with friendship, peace, and harmony among ponykind thanks to the ascension of Princess Twilight Sparkle and the heroic actions of the Mane Six as well as the wise rule of Celestia, Luna, and Cadance. However, while their collective legacy is well-documented and still ongoing, there is another equally important legacy and story that is only beginning to coalesce in the background.

Ethereal Divide is a curious case. A lone unicorn stallion that wanders the land aimlessly? An adult pony with no cutie mark? A unicorn who can't use magic? How could such a bizarre anomaly exist in the world? And even more vexing is how such a seemingly pathetic and irrelevant figure could end up playing a vital role in the future of Equestria and perhaps even the lands beyond.

Some say fate is predetermined, while others swear by the philosophy of self-determination and blazing your own path in life. Perhaps what's truly important is how one chooses to live their life and whether or not they can adapt to its inevitable changes and surprises along the way...

And what is a journey without good company? An orphan pegasus, earth pony tribe native, cheerful florist, and aspiring acolyte of Princess Luna all find themselves invariably drawn together into one unicorn's adventure to reveal his past and ultimately more.

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