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[Cancelled] After capturing Twilight during A Canterlot Wedding, Chrysalis decided that keeping her and Cadance locked up underneath the place would be too risky. Instead, she forced them through an ancient mirror-portal said to contain an impenetrable prison created by Starswirl himself, shattering the mirror in the process.

Now, Twilight and Cadance must adapt to a new world and new bodies. Without any magic at their disposal, they must attempt to build a new portal and prepare to face Chrysalis on the other side while also maintaining the guise of normal high schoolers. Luckily, they aren't the only ones interested in reaching Equestria, and they'll cobble together an unlikely alliance of beings from both sides of the mirror to help them in their quest.

A Canterlot Wedding and Equestria Girls AU that, rather than aiming to be a fixfic, simply takes an alternate (and perhaps longer) path.

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