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Broken Mirror Cancelled · 11:37pm Jan 6th, 2019

TLDR: Story cancelled. I lack the motivation to write, but even with the motivation I'd probably write something else rather than Broken Mirror.

I'll try to keep this (relatively) short and avoid rambling.

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Status of the Author · 12:39am Apr 2nd, 2018

Things discussed in this blog: Writing progress, future of Broken Mirror, other stuff I may someday write. TLDR at the bottom.

Writing Progress:

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Status of "Broken Mirror" · 12:41am Feb 13th, 2018

Much as I hate to do this, Broken Mirror is going on a temporary Hiatus. Now, usually when you see "Hiatus" on a story that means its doomed to not update for at least a year, if ever. I will not let Broken Mirror go that way. I planned to-- and still plan to-- have this story finished by this summer, as I'll be heading to China and will have plenty else on my plate then.

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