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The guy that likes to write mostly Button Mash, Rumble, Shady and CMC stories, oh and also Crossovers.

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REVAMED or REMIX! · 11:59pm July 24th

"My name is-"

Cut the words out, i'm here for the taking.

Heya guys, it's me Genuis, (Jokes are idk). I have a special announcement. "Sonic Forces: Equestria is Under Attack" is getting a revamed, yes i said Revamed.

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Comment posted by Genuis deleted January 20th
Comment posted by Genuis deleted January 9th

I hate to imform you all but "Buttons Problem with Cutie Marks" will be on hiatus. But don't worry, i will return to make that story. In the mean time, i stated to think to make more storys on the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Alt Timelines. I will focus more on "Button's problem with Cutie Marks" at the end of winter, begining of Sping so don't worry. During this winter, i will make small - big storys on the Sweetie Belle x Button Mash thingys, (Maybe Rumble X Scootaloo?????). Not going into details this month but later. But i hope you guys had an awesome Christmas or other holiday, and Happy New Years!

-TheGenuisColt (AKA Bashy Rp on Twitter)

3W08954VgVO/yIT000BkMns1F1E002605Ic05Ic010Axl/t//12 (Pony Code, mess with my OC now)

Comment posted by Genuis deleted Dec 11th, 2017
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