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The Fifth Horse

Most people know the riders; Conquest, War, Famine, Death, and their combined self, Chaos. But they forget the horses they ride; Glory, Ruin, Fear, Despair and their combined self, Entropy.



What's Coming Next · 4:48pm Oct 19th, 2017

Hello Wastelanders!

So, I was about to begin the process of writing the next chapter of Rails of Hope (finally got time to do it) when I found myself in an interesting situation... there will be TWO writing "contests" planned for next month!

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The next update is taking time. Its going to be my longest chapter by far, and I am in the process of commisioning chapter art

no problem :pinkiehappy: I'm just waiting for the next update!

Thank you for adding my story!

Welcome, wastelanders!

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