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It's a normal day in Canterlot, until Celestia receives a package. She opens it, goes to Luna, then all you-know-what breaks loose as the entire castle is pulled into a sibling rivalry

In response to a half-hour challenge posted in the School for New Writers, posted by Darklordclomp

Prompt was "What's a little rivalry between sisters?"

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Jake Gray lost his family eight years ago, and for eight years he fought crime, trying to track down the man responsible. When he finds him, however, a twist of fate throws him from his world and delivers him to the city of Canterlot. How will he cope? Will he continue to fight crime now that he's billions of miles away from home? You just have to read on, my friends, and find out. Rated Teen for violence and language.

Cover made by The Grey Pegasus, who is an awesome artist and story writer. Check him out!

Author's Note: This is my first fic, dear readers, but don't interpret that as me begging you to go easy on me. You see a mistake? See something you don't like? Tell me. Yell it at me! Crumple it up, spit on it, and throw it at my face (not literally, of course)! I want to know. It's the only way I'll get better.

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