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WARNING: This story is currently suffering from major grammar faults.
If you are really annoyed by said grammar faults then i suggest turn back now.
If you are not then proceed reading.
Help is gladly accepted to solve this issue and make this a story people with OCD for grammar can read without wanting to kill me.

It is also put on hold until school decides we are done with all assignments.

"In the darkness of the night there roams a shadow.
The goals of this shadow noone knows but that is for the very few who knows of its existence.
This shadow is a entity that Equestria has never before seen and by it's plans never will see.
What will happen when the Mane 6 meets this mysterious shadow if they ever will be able to catch up to it."

I suggest not to think of shipping by the title. As my plans are it wont be involved at all.

Story about a OC i made which i really wanna see come to life in a story.

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