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When Twilight fulfills her destiny and ascends to the throne of Canterlot, everything goes black. Turns out her life is a game, and she won. Now follow Twilight Sparkle as she experiences the shiny appeal of New Game+.

4/16: It was only approved yesterday, and already this story is featured and hot? You guys are the best!

4/17: Second day and still featured! Moved to the top featured spot too! Awesome!

4/18: Still in the top spot? I think people like my story.

4/19: Left the top spot but still featured. It feels amazing to feel so appreciated!

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Sisters. Family. Celestia and Luna are supposed to be there for one another before all else. Unfortunately, being the ruling class of a nation is a very stressful lot in life, and they often have conflicting schedules. It’s hard to make time for one another. Hopefully, a family can count on one another for support, even when all else fails. Seriously, Nightmare Moon should not have happened. AU Oneshot.

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